Manager FAQ

How do the Specials work?

There is a 300 character limit for updating the specials. Please keep your specials short and to the point, always encouraging the prospect to call or fill out a form. The idea is to get them to contact your staff, and let your staff work the leasing magic from there.

I have more than one price for a specific floor plan, what do I do?

If there is a range of prices for a particular floor plan (maybe on the ground floor with a patio, it’s more expensive) always put the lowest price. When the prospect comes to tour, you can clarify the differences and give more details.

Why should I submit News & Events items?

Taking the time to submit News & Events can help you get leads! When we post current information about resident events, pool opening, windows being washed, babies being born, new staff, road closures nearby, or anything that is unique to your community, then not only can you connect with current residents, but prospects who visit the website see that you have a great community and you care about your residents. This can make a difference.

What is a News & Events item?

“News & Events” get posted on the Residents Corner blog. These can literally be ANYTHING that your community would be interested in that shows your community, residents and staff in a positive light. Ideas below:

  • Community Events (Pot lucks, pool parties)
  • Photos of a community event after it happened, a follow up about how it went.
  • Community contests (Cleaning patios, pet costumes, anything)
  • Photos of contests in progress or the winners
  • New staff
  • New office hours
  • Road closures nearby
  • Upgrades to your property, capital improvements
  • Q& A with staff members or residents
  • Tips for new residents
  • Resident Reminders
  • Changes or reminders about referral incentives
  • Changes in pest control day
  • Changes in trash pick up day
  • Suggestions about your favorite park, restaurants, coffee shop near by
  • List of the staff’s favorite inspirational quotes
  • Info about a new restaurant/dog park/library/venue/store opening up near your community
  • Laundry room info or changes
  • Reminders about pool rules, or community guidelines

Can you take down an old post on the Residents Corner blog?

We do not remove old content on the blog unless requested. It just gets replaced by new content each month.

Why are there not many blog posts about actual events at my community? Why is it all local or general info?

The only reason this would happen is because no one from your community has submitted News & Events! It is VERY important that you submit News & Events items every month!

What’s the deal with resident testimonials?

You and your staff are responsible to constantly look for opportunities to ask for a resident testimonial. You should be sending us photo and written testimonials often. You can take photos of residents holding signs with positive comments/phrases. Make sure your photo is clear and that the sign can be read.

Who do I contact if something on the website is wrong?

If you find content on your website that is no longer (or never was) correct, please email: with a specific explanation (ideally including a link to the page) of what is wrong and what should replace it (if applicable).

We have new photos of our community. Who do I send them to?

Please use Dropbox or Compress the photos into a Zip and send

We no longer have Tennis Courts/Dog Run/Insert Amenity Here…

Email with a clear explanation of what has changed so we can make the change on the website as quick as possible.

Can I change the office hours on my site?

Yes! This is a new function on the managers corner. Simply use the menu on the side bar and click “Update Office Hours.”

Why does the Resident FAQ have that answer?

All the content on the Resident FAQ was received by us from someone on-site from your property. If it is incorrect, simply let us know by

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